Danegeld’s 30th – a poem by AB

Danegeld’s 30th Year

This year our side, a ‘pearl’ matures

And celebrates its 30 years

Of stepping, ranting, music making

Laughter, friendship, dance bells shaking

Eleven fifty years, back date

Since eight hundred sixty eight

When first a ‘Dane Tribute’ was paid

To turn aside a Viking Raid

In Brittany, the King he paid

Five hundred cattle; gold was waived

In twenty eighteen we’ll return

New tributes for our dancing earn

From North West mills, our clogs do hail

From looms, down streets; we’d dance; quaff ale

Our sticks – sham bobbins, shuttles, pins

With steps of skips, stamps, hitches, spins

We’re gathered now to have some fun

Oldies, newbies; everyone

The bedrock of our special year

Is laughter, love, friendship sincere