Photo Gallery

Click on the links to view a selection of amateur photographs from various Danegeld performances since 2011

11.06.22  Folk at The Boat with Westrefelda, Maldon Green Jackets and Haughley Hoofers

28.05.22  Hadleigh Day of Dance with Boudicca Border Morris

10.05.22     Dance Out with East Suffolk Morris Men at Red Lion, Woodbridge

4.04.2022 St George’s Day Dance Out, Hundon

02.04.2022 Halesworth Day of Dance

01.01.2022 New Year’s Day Dance Out at Snape, with Barley Brigg and Pretty Grim

13.11.21  Children in Need Dance Out with Boudicca Border Morris

3-5.09.21 Sowerby Rushbearing Festival

30.08.2021 Layer Marney Towers

18.01.2020  Whittlesea Straw Bear

16.11.19  Children in Need Dance Out, Woodbridge

28.09.2019   The Long Shed, Woodbridge

7-8.09.2019 Sowerby Bridge, Rushbearing Festival

16-18.08.2019 Folk East, Glemham Hall. Woodbridge

6-7.07.2019 Lobster Potties Festival, Sheringham

15.06.2019 Folk at the Boat, Ipswich

01.06.2019 Manningtree, Harwich and Felixstowe Day of Dance

27.05.2019 Summer Fayre at Layer Marney Towers

11.05.2019 Dance Out at The Black Swan PH, Homersfield and canoeing

30.03.2019 Halesworth 5th Day of Dance

02.02.2019  Dance Exchange Workshop with Fiddlesticks North-West Clog Morris

19.1.2019 Straw Bear Festival, Whittlesey

13.10.2018  Day of Dance – Celebrating 30 Years

21.08.2018  Dance Out in Woodbridge

28.07-04.08.2018  Normandy Morris Tour

07-08.07.2018  Lobster Potties Festival, Sheringham

16.06.2018    Folk at the Boat

19.05.2018     JMO Peterborough

17.03.2018 Halesworth Day of Dance

20.01.2018     Straw Bear Festival, Whittlesea

30.08.2017     Folk East 2017

02-03.07.2017     Lobster Potties Festival, Sheringham

21.06.2017     Folk at The Boat, Steamboat PH, Ipswich

10.06.2017     Sorrel Horse PH

13.05.2017      JMO Day of Dance Leicester

  01.04.2017     Third Halesworth Day of Dance

14.01.2017          Whittlesea Straw Bear

01.01.2017          Snape Maltings with Barley Brigg Northwest and  Pretty Grim Border Morris

19.11.2016         Children in Need Fundraiser – Woodbridge

11.06.2016          Folk at the Steamboat, Ipswich

 23.04.2016     JMO Day of Dance – York

12.03.2016      Second Halesworth Day of Dance