Up Coming Events

19th JANUARY 2019 Straw Bear Festival, Whittlesey.
Procession starts promptly 10.30
2nd FEBRUARY 2019Dance Exchange Workshop with
Fiddlesticks North West Morris, Hoxon VH, 10am-4pm
30th MARCH 2019 Halesworth Day of Dance
14th APRIL 2019  Framlingham Country Fayre
11th MAY 2019 Evening Dance Out at The Black Swan PH,
 Homersfield, IP20 0ET  
15th JUNE 2019 Folk at the Boat, The Steamboat PH, Ipswich 12 noon
30th JUNE 2019 Leigh Folk Festival, Leigh-on-Sea – TBC
5th to 7th JULY 2019  Lobster Potties Festival, Sheringham